BlackBerry 6 Developer Resources Available from RIM

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RIM published some helpful articles for developers looking to develop apps for BlackBerry 6. Currently, many of the apps we’re seeing on BlackBerry 6 look like OS 5 Storm ports, and it will be great to see some BlackBerry 6 specific applications. Here are some helpful articles if you’re looking to develop for 6:

  • Making a context menu look like a pop-up menu in BlackBerry 6
  • How to integrate with the Unified Search Framework
  • Sample Code – How to interact with touch gestures and the trackpad
  • BlackBerry 6 Features: MapFactory
  • Introduction to Touch Gestures
  • What is – new in 6.0 Network API
  • Integrating the BlackBerry 6 pop-up menu in your application and best practices
  • BlackBerry 6 User Interface APIs
  • Supporting Gears using HTML5 in BlackBerry Widget applications
  • Supporting BlackBerry Widget applications on BlackBerry 6

RIM’s developer blog will be publishing these articles every Friday so stay tuned for more.

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