Rogers BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Arrives in Store


rogers blackberry curve 3g boxes

The Rogers BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 has arrived in Rogers retail outlets and the box has the same modern look as the BlackBerry Torch. RIM has done a great job of updating their device packaging so it isn’t stuffed with manuals, CDs and giant chargers that take up space. The new BlackBerry packaging is about half the size and doesn’t come with a case like they used to. It’s a little lame to not get a case but it makes a lot of sense not to include it anymore. By not giving the user a free case, RIM has really opened up the third party case market.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G from Rogers comes with OS with no App World preload. We have been hearing about how RIM scored an App World preload deal for some time but perhaps it will only come with App World 2.0. A couple more pics after the jump.

[Hat tip to RogersDude69]

  • Caspan

    Nice to see the Curve getting a 3G status

  • Kyle Firmino

    No excuse to not include a case. It's what keeps these BB's running for most part of the day putting them into standby.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Most people don't use the case. RIM is better off saving money and not including it…

  • Caspan

    I think they should have given us a coupon for one and only people that wanted one could grab one from online. I'm kinda sad about the case too but I'm glad I can pick my own. Some of the new ones are very square. I like the old 8800 and curve cases

  • Kyle Firmino

    I guess, but what do we care if they “save money”? I would rather that lower the cost of the phone by $40 since that what they charge for cases alone. It was a nice bundled case, and you see Apple now doing the same with their computers not coming with remotes and adapters for video.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Well it is more money that they can then spend on the internal hardware, or that can go towards lowering the price of the phone. The strategy behind the Curve line is to get the price as low as possible. Including a $2-$4 item that 90% of customers will not use anyhow does not help with that.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    That is a good idea for keeping the few that want a case happy, and still keeping most of the savings. Although who knows how well equipped RIM is to handle a program like this.

  • Caspan

    Yeah no idea. I'm happy just to buy a case I like anyways. Those cheap slip cases they shipped with some models still sit in my drawer at work cause people did not want them. They either wanted nothing or a belt case.

  • Dale

    Yeah, its about time….my wife has the EDGE Pearl Flip, and doing any kinda of data/web browsing is brutally slow.

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    It was a nice bundled case, and you see Apple now doing the same with their computers not coming with remotes and adapters for video.

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