Evernote for BlackBerry Updated with Native Note Browser and Better UI


The Evernote app for BlackBerry has always been a little under par especially when compared to the iPhone version of the app. Recently, the company has released an update to the app that makes the app more functional. One of the major updates includes making everything native and preventing the user from jumping to the browser. Here are some updates:

  • Native browsing and viewing – Evernote for BlackBerry now has a native note browser, which means better layout, easier navigation and faster loading.
  • Menu items – To conserve screen real estate, we’ve placed many of the important application functions into the menu. If you don’t see an option on-screen, be sure to check the menu
  • Tune-ups on:
  • o Better search performance
    o Improved networking in a variety of BlackBerry configurations
    o Resolved login and permission issues
    o Many other bug fixes and improvements

Grab the latest version of Evernote from App World.

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