Price Comparison and Barcode-Scanning App Sccope Now Available


sccope app

Sccope is a new price comparison and barcode-scanning app that’s available in App World. The app lets consumers compare prices at some of the larger retailers including Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. The app works by getting the user to enter the name of a product in the search field, browse through the shopping categories or take a photo of the barcode of the product in hand to check the price against Sccope’s 10 million different price points. With a set of participating retailers, you can then navigate to the shopping pages to purchase the product. Users can also make a wish list, track prices and inventory through alerts and receive special offers.

Check out Sccope in App World, priced at $2.99.

  • Pyerrick

    Anyone get this thing to work? After download it tells me to upgrade. I can't use the app without upgrading and every time I try to upgrade it simply boots me out of the app. Extremely frustrating! If someone has any experience with this app, please share.

  • YannCluchey

    Hi Pyerrick, I work for Sccope.

    Sorry about the problem you're experiencing. One of our servers was incorrectly notifying our apps about an update.

    The server problem has been fixed now. The Sccope app will stop showing the upgrade message on it's own. To forcefully remove it you can;

    1. (When connected to the Internet)
    2. Open Sccope, wait a few seconds and then press “Not now”
    3. Open Sccope again. If you still see the message, try step 2 one more time.


    * Reinstall Sccope by clicking the Upgrade button and downloading it from the web site

    If you have any further problems, please let me know.


  • Pyerrick

    Thank you for the reply, but I'm not even seeing a “not now” option. Also, the upgrade button seemingly has no functionality. I just tried it again and pressing “upgrade” only closes the app.

  • YannCluchey

    Hi Pyerrick - what version of the OS do you have?

  • Pyerrick


    I have a 4.5 OS. I understand I won't be able to use the scanning part of the app, but everything else is supposed to work, correct?

  • YannCluchey

    Hi Pyerrick,

    Yes - that's correct. Try downloading direct from our site at www . sccope . com / blackberry

    I have heard from other people with a similar issue, and downloading direct from our site seems to resolve it.