Add Twitter and Facebook Feeds to Contacts with BlackBerry 6


A cool feature with BlackBerry 6 is the ability to add Twitter and Facebook updates to your BlackBerry contacts. In OS 5, you could link a Twitter user to a BlackBerry contact, but it would simply add another field in their contact information with a link to their Twitter username. With BlackBerry 6, you now have the ability to see the last Facebook and Twitter update in the BlackBerry contact field. This is a helpful feature because you get an idea of the status of the contact before you message them. If you’re about to call someone and their Facebook status says “feeling sick and in bed”, you could either call them later or wish them a speedy recovery. One of the downsides to this feature is that contacts are not automatically linked. This would have made it a truly killer feature.

To add Twitter and Facebook feeds to your BlackBerry 6 contacts, simply:

1. Open Twitter or Facebook.
2. Select a contact (make sure you’re on their profile page).
3. Press the Menu key and select Link to BlackBerry Contact.
4. Select from an existing contact or create a new contact entry.

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

  • Rob Baker

    Seems only “Blackberry Message appliction” is my only choice when doing this. “Blackberry Calendar application and “Blackberry Contacts application” are greyed out and un-selectable. BES limitation maybe?

  • Kyle McInnes

    are you using the official twitter and facebook apps? remember to be on the profile pages.

  • Robot Lord of Tokyo

    How do you do this in OS 5?

  • Guest

    I have OS and I can’t add Twitter feed to BlackBerry contacts. I don’t have that option.