Dell Opens App Store and Sells Apps for Unreleased BlackBerry Pluto 9900


dell app store

Dell has opened their own app store and they’re selling apps for not only BlackBerry, but Windows Mobile, Symbian and WebOS. The storefront is powered by PocketGear, the company that acquired Mobihand’s competition Handango. Generally, the apps are priced a little higher than Mobihand and there isn’t nearly as much content. Dell has their own smartphone, the Streak, and it makes sense for them to have their own app storefront as every other manufacturer seems to be doing these days.

While it’s surely just a mistake on the part of PocketGear who put the content management system together, the Dell App Store is selling apps for the BlackBerry Pluto 9900. Now if only they were selling the actual device…

  • Eric at Ebscer

    Looks like the Magnum (but most likely the result of a poorly put together store)