Goldman Sachs Calls BlackBerry Toch 9800 Launch Event Underwhelming

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Goldman Sachs is calling the BlackBerry Torch launch “underwhelming” citing that there were virtually no retail stores sold out of the device. This isn’t anything new for RIM, as their devices don’t garner the same hype as other smartphone manufacturers and sales tend to accumulate over longer periods.

The firm noted that nearly all of the stores they called did not sell out of the device. Also the checks showed that the vast majority of Torch sales were driven by upgrades from existing BlackBerry subscribers.

It’s good to see that a lot of BlackBerry users are upgrading to the Torch because it’s a really solid device for those who have been BlackBerry users for a long time.

  • BM
    I find it funny that on a blackberry new site they have yet to mention that a single week after it was released, the Blackberry Torch is now being offered at half price (with new contract signing) due to its low sales. Funny. Is this page only for pumping blackberries, or delivering news?
  • Adrian Dizon
    RIM came out strong but this release shows they're just treading water. They have many years of experience building messaging devices (or "pagers" if you will) but not computers. Here, Apple has the advantage. Problem is, today's consumers seem to prefer a computer in their pocket.
  • Frank Castle
    Maybe RIM should be like Apple and market their "release" and do so once a year, oh wait it's impossible to do that once your across every carrier and have multiple devices. Apple is fantastic at driving up demand and have retail stores vs. RIM which is only sold at carrier locations and likely the bulk of sales are still corporate liable. We already ordered 100 of them and expect many more in the coming months.

    The only thing RIM and Apple have in common is they sell smartphones.
  • Stephen Feather
    I find Goldman Sachs to be a bit underwhelming at well.
    As spike said, the new Os is what will make this the must have hardware in the coming season.
  • endlessike
    Compared to other manufacturers its really an underwhelming piece of hardware.

    That said, it is a significant upgrade from existing blackberrys, mostly due to the far improved OS.
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