Tawkon Mobile Radiation Monitoring App Updated with Free Trial

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Tawkon let us know that they have updated their app with a free trial. Considering the app is $9.99, a free trial is a great way to give customers a little reassurance that their money is well spent. The new free trial allows the user to get 75 monitored calls on supported BlackBerrys.

We’re not sure about whether cell radiation is actually something that users should concern themselves with, and there are plenty of ways to avoid any potential risk. One such way is to remember the inverse square law. By communicating more through email, SMS and BBM, you avoid having the device close to your head.

Check out Tawkon’s new free trial in the BlackBerryCool Store.

  • Mary Beth
    Do they also provide detail on how to analyze the emissions? If not, what is the point.
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