BlackBerry Torch Sells 150K Units Over Weekend and Costs $183 to Build


blackberry torch teardown

Analysts at RBC Capital Marktets and Stifel Nicolaus are saying that sales of the BlackBerry Torch are at around 150,000 during the first weekend. Although the WSJ compares this to Apple and its 1.7 million iPhone 4 units sold in the first three days, RIM’s device sales follow a different trend. Enterprise clients, for example, generally don’t purchase on launch day and these sales will trickle in over the course of the next few months.

Also of note, iSuppli has estimated that the total cost to build a Torch comes in at $183 with $171 in components and $12 for manufacturing. The Torch components break down as follows:

Display and touchscreen assembly: $34.85
Memory chips: $34.25
Processor: $15
Radio/Wireless: $24.50
User Interface: $12.40
Battery/Power management: $15.90
Camera: $10.80
Mechanical/enclosures: $23.35

As RIM sells more devices around the world and continues to get better wholesale deals with component manufacturers, we can expect these prices to continue to come down.

  • Caspan

    Assembled in Canada made by every one else :)

  • Mail4kak

    yeah i was surprise that my 9650 was made in Mexico. i had thought it would have been made in Canada,

  • Ahmed

    183$ build cost and they will be charging for an unlocked one for at least 500$ , why don't they just sell it for 375$ or 400$ ?

  • Caspan

    Cause it's a Carrier cash grab :)

  • guest

    Is the BlackPad the reason why Blackberry Torch 9800 sales have been so slow?

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