Examples of BlackBerry Widgets in App World


BlackBerry Widgets are a high priority for RIM because it will allow them to attract an entirely new set of developers to the BlackBerry platform. Web developers can use the BlackBerry Widget SDK to package their web apps into files that can be loaded on a BlackBerry and sold in App World. In this sense, a BlackBerry Widget is nothing like a typical widget (a small app placed on a desktop or homescreen). A BlackBerry Widget should actually be called a BlackBerry Web App.

Below are some examples of applications in BlackBerry App World that were created using the BlackBerry Widget SDK. They’re not identified in App World as being Widgets, but RIM is able to identify them internally and we have a short list of some of them for you. What’s interesting about Widgets is that you can tell they’re web apps. Some of them have little bugs that you haven’t seen before in a BlackBerry app (eg a cursor arrow popping up) and seem very “web-like” when it comes to graphics.

Here are some apps that were created with the BlackBerry Widget SDK:

Hollywood Bowl
Vanatur: Getafe
Loan Analyzer
LP33 (free)
CIO Report (free)

Have you tried a BlackBerry Widget?
What do you think of them compared to regular BlackBerry apps?
Have you noticed any special bugs or advantages?
Are you a web developer and have tried the BlackBerry Widget SDK? What do you make of it?

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