SHAPE Services Updates IM+ Talk and Launches IM+ for Web


The IM+ Talk app has been updated to version 4.2 with a completely revamped user interface and a new theme, as well as a new Conversations View feature. The app also now has new message indicators included in 4.2. For those who haven’t heard of IM+ Talk, the app enables voice and text communication over Skype and is the closest thing to a Skype app for BlackBerry for non-Verizon users. The app allows for free VOIP calls in WiFi zones and works worldwide on any 3G/GSM/CDMA network

Check out IM+ Talk in the BlackBerryCool store.

Along with this update, SHAPE Services also let us know that they have made their popular IM+ app available in a web version. To access this new web service, head over to and check it out.