BlackBerry App World 2.0 Out of Beta and Publicly Available


app world 2.0

The latest version of App World is out of beta and available for everyone. Along with a host of new features, App World will also let developers offer applications for US$0.99 and US$1.99! This is amazing news for all App World content as we’ll be able to get the best prices possible for cool software. Hit the jump for a list of features you can expect in the new App World.

When the App World 2.0 beta launched a few weeks ago, RIM offered new Top 25 categories as well as carrier and credit card billing. The new App World also features BlackBerry ID, which allows you to easily manage your apps when switching devices.

Credit Card Payment Option

With the new BlackBerry App World, customers are able to purchase applications using major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. Carrier billing may also be supported by certain carriers. Here are some more specific details on these features:

Easier Application Discovery

BlackBerry App World adds new tabbed sections for various applications lists. Users can horizontally swipe or scroll to quickly view the Top 25 Free Apps, Top 25 Paid Apps and Top 25 Themes, as well as the Newest Apps and Recently Updated Apps.

QR Barcode Scanning

QR barcode scanning is also supported, allowing users to scan a QR code associated with an application from anywhere – the web, print ads, brochures, etc. BlackBerry App World will quickly find the related application, and automatically open and download its page.

BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry ID provides customers with a device-independent user identification (ID) for BlackBerry App World. It enables credit card payments and allows customers to seamlessly transfer their personal library of free and purchased apps when they switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry App World users will receive upgrade notifications over the next few hours.

  • Balletgirl1077

    I tried to download it to my bold 9650 to no avail.

  • Caspan

    I got the red start telling me there is an upgrade but nothing inside the list had a red star, so i just searched for App World and downloaded the upgrade.

  • technologiez

    Hi, Since on the BB App World it's available a large numbers of themes, are plans to separate themes from apps? or maybe add featured themes or something like that… The Theme Builder not support OS6.0 yet, are plans to update it soon?

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