Imagining the BlackBerry Torch With a Front-Facing Camera


blackberry front facing camera

It seems that when the BlackBerry Torch was in its early engineering phases, it was called the BlackBerry Tardis. There are some interesting/funny pictures of the early engineering device that features the Synaptics branding and two holes where the LED light is positioned. The second hole, while it’s most likely a proximity sensor, has me dreaming of a front-facing camera on the Torch. Considering the Torch was said to be RIM’s answer to the iPhone 4, it would be cool to see something like FaceTime but integrated into BlackBerry Messenger. A front-facing camera would also fit nicely into the branding of the Torch as “where business meets fun”. Not only could you use a front-facing camera for fun, but enterprise clients could use it for video conferencing. More images after the jump.

old school torch


synaptics brand on torch

Would you like a front-facing camera on a BlackBerry?
Do you think FaceTime took some tips from BBM by creating a manufacturer-specific chat system?
Any other features you’d like to see on a next-generation device?

  • Andrew Rowley

    I don't think it'll be a big hit with the BlackBerry for some reason. Seems gimmick. Cool for 2 weeks then become a nuisance when you don't want to see people or have them see you eating cereal from that dip in your chest. I think if anything, the market needs a change. All expensive apps vs the other markets, especially android. It's a blow to the ribs, I feel. But I think BlackBerry should try to come up with something innovative and original instead of trying to catch up. They're so far behind, in my opinion.

  • dalehammond

    I think a front facing camera is something that they really needed to put on the Torch……to give them a edge on the android phones and previous iphones.

    Maybe next Gen will have it??? I hope so!!

  • Darien

    Lets talk faster processor, higher resolution screen before we start talking forward facing camera mmmkay?

  • Ivanpaganiii

    lol your right. But, yes most definitely I think Torch should of had a front facing camera. It'll be great for business! I would use it all the time, it should be on BBm like Skype, and hopefully 3rd party apps.

    I SWEAR, I'm trying to hold back on getting the iPhone4 and EVO, because I need that FF camera, its so sweeeet!!! The only reason i haven't got one yet is that only 2 phones have the capabilities.

  • Urspanishdck

    I would love if they had put that on face time should have been on this phone but I would love to see it on this phone soon

  • ME

    idk if I got a shitty phone or what… but the CAMERA sucks!!! its really sucky!! I had a BB 8900 Javelin 3.2mp and it was WAAAYY better!! but anyways… YES def. shouldve had a front camera. I am actually considering selling my torch because of the shitty camera….even tho I like almost everything else about it… I take A LOT of video and pics…. and what is up with the mms video…its sooo little… id rather it be bigger and blurry.. LOL.. anyways… few up grades on this… and you could have a great phone

  • Rebecca

    Why does my bb torch have two circles ? Like one where my led light flashes and another darcker cirlce beside it ? My bf and friend have a red virgin torch and a blue/black rogers torch and they both only have one circle . But mine has two . Me and my bf got the phones on the same day only difference is mines white . I called rogers lol and they said they don’t see the torch ever being made with ” 2 circles ” . Is it just useless ?

  • Bre T

    I HAVE 2 CIRCLES!!! I am itching to know haah if you find out tell me!!!

  • archie

    mayb ur bb is not originakl… try check it back

  • Francobama

    that is because you are not a business man. don’t forget that BB was made for business purposes, not for fun and or photographers!

  • Francobama

    that is because you are not a business man. don’t forget that BB was made for business purposes, not for fun and or photographers!

  • Tonytwohands

    I would love to see a front facing camera

  • amelia

    i have two circles! and a white bb torch but my dad’s is blue/black and he doesn’t have one? :s

  • webfesto bi

    I definitely wish the Torch had a front facing camera.  That would make it the perfect phone for me right now.

  • freckles

    I would love a blackberry with forward facing camera, so that I can have a blackberry and still talk to my family via sign on video chat. :)

  • Southern Builder

    If RIM doesn’t hurry up with some features to match or beat competitive products they are going to lose a substantial portion of their customer base.  My company is 100% Blackberry, but user pressure for a front camera and a larger screen is surging.  If RIM can produce a model with a full screen with a physical keyboard (slide-out? hinge?) and a front camera, it will be an instant hit.  If it does not come within the next 6 months, TOPS, the loss of business may be unrecoverable. 

  • Lis5441

    can you facetime with it?

  • JSP

    The difference in the applications is that each manufacturer what to develope their own platform, we as users need to build a community to enforce changes. For standardnisation the application, charger, connectivity ets,as we are the once who has these product in hand.