BlackBerry Partners Fund Invests in PocketGear with Potential App World Benefits

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The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced a $15 Million Series B funding in PocketGear, led by Trident Capital. PocketGear bills itself as world’s largest cross platform, open app store and content marketplace, after its acquisition of Handango.

PocketGear, Handango, and Mobihand are all part of a similar business model to sell software outside of the carrier and manufacturer channels and it’s a business that seems increasingly risky given that RIM, Apple and the big players are in the space as well. While PocketGear competes with App World, the investment could benefit the company if they can bring PocketGear’s relationships into App World. PocketGear has access to over 32,000 developer relationships and more than 140,000 paid and free titles.

More information available from the press release.

  • Homer
    handango and pocket gear are joke. worst of them all.
  • Porcupine 411
    This sounds promising.
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