BlackBerry Torch Canadian Launch Kicks Off September 21st


We last heard the Torch will be coming to Canada mid-September but it looks like end of September is more likely. A flyer going out to sales reps shows the Torch launch kicking off in Toronto on September 21st, then Vancouver on the 22nd and Montreal on the 23rd. From August 20th, to September 8th, if you’re a sales rep with one of the highest BlackBerry sales, you could win an invitation to the event where RIM is giving away a total of 75 Torch devices (25 at each launch event). Good luck!

  • Caspan

    So if they do their job they could hang with really cool people and earn a chance to win a free device they most likely get for free :) LOL I love incentives..

    Go Canada for the Torch launch… hopefully it will be better then the $2 job they did on that invitation… it looks like a 90's web page..