Productivity App mProductive Now Available in App World



Back in April we wrote about an app called mProductive that was looking for beta testers. The app is by the same people who brought you mCaller and thanks to your help with the beta, they are live in App World. mProductive allows you to create action items from calls, emails and SMS’s which then appear in your native BlackBerry task list, calendar and memo pad. Once the items are created, you can link them quickly to groups, and then view them automatically by day, week, future, overdue and more. The app is tightly integrated with the BlackBerry Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Email and Desktop Sync.

Check out mProductive in App World. The app is a little on the expensive side at $29.99 USD but it’s worth it if you find yourself more productive.

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    Thought I would also mention that there is a 21 day free trial of the app available from or appworld :)

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