SmartSig Places Email Signatures in Their Correct Place

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Ever noticed how BlackBerrys put the BIS email signature at the very bottom of an email chain? That isn’t helpful for anyone. With SmartSig, you won’t have this problem. SmartSig lets you create your email signature in SmartSig and it will place the signature in the proper location in outgoing emails, which is right at the end of the message body you are sending. Other features of SmartSig 2.0 include:

  • Create, edit, and delete email signatures directly on your device.
  • Automatically places the correct email signature in the proper location within your outgoing email messages.
    Signature conditions can be added to test the To, CC, BCC, From, Subject or Message Body for the presence or lack of keywords.
  • Signature can require that all conditions be met or that any condition be met in order to apply the signature.
  • Backup and restore your signatures using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  • Enable and disable individual signatures.
  • Support for all BlackBerry 4.5 and higher devices, including BlackBerry 6.

SmartSig is available in the store for a reasonable $2.99 and even comes with a free trial.

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