Facebook for BlackBerry Reaches 62M+ Monthly Active Users


Facebook is going increasingly mobile as a service and it recently announced that it has more than 150 million active mobile users. The mobile figures break down as follows:

  • iPhone has 102.2 million monthly active users
  • Android has 11.9 million monthly active users
  • BlackBerry has 62 million mau

The figures are a little strange as Apple said it has reached 100 million iOS devices shipped back in June and RIM has reported only 46 million BlackBerry subscribers as of the last quarterly conference call.

Now if only RIM would update the Facebook app to include at least a better friend search feature.

  • MC

    iphone numbers updated down …44 mil not 102


  • Jason

    Maybe the iphone numbers include the touch and ipad?

  • http://www.blackberrycool.com/ Kyle McInnes

    touch and ipad are still iOS so they've included it…