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The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is coming to Bell “this fall” which we assume means end of summer or beginning of October. While there’s no official release date or pricing, we might expect the device to be available for around $99 on a two year plan at best. For those of you on the Bell network, or in Canada looking to switch carriers and pick up a Torch, you can head over to bell and register for a notification of when it’s available.

Head over to Bell’s website and register to find out when the Torch launches.

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  • Big Ang

    2 year contract? Not happening on one of the Canadian Big 3 carriers for a flagship device!

    Bell, Rogers, and Telus will have the Torch on their main brands, and won't let their discount 'flanker' brands get a crack at it for at least a while. And the Big 3 LOVE their 3 year contracts. Expect the price of this to be $200 with a 3 year contract ($100 would be a pleasant surprise).

    Oh, and for the non-Canadians that think a 3 year contract is bad, get a load of the $400 Early Cancelation Fee PLUS a $200 Data Early Cancelation Fee. Yup, thank goodness for the new carriers bringing new competiton.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Good point. I guess $199 on a three year isn't so far fetched. We'll see…

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