Experiencing BIS Problems in Canada and North America?

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There are reports that BIS users across Canada and the US are experiencing problems across all carriers with email, web browsing, Facebook, Twitter etc. So far there are no reports from the Michigan area, but Ohio and parts of Canada are reporting problems. RIM is attempting to fix the problem.

Are you having issues? Let us know where, what and on which carrier.

  • Guest
    Brantford- ON
    Haven't been able to surf the internet for a few days. BBM was working up until this morning when I made a small change to my plan. Now I still can't surf the net but also email and BBM don't work. Talked to Rogers they say it is the network that is congested and to do a battery pull every couple of hours until it gets back on. Don't know if this is the best idea.
  • Oshawabuddha
    Oshawa here (just east of Toronto) on Virgin Mobile. Been experiencing a couple of problems...starting yesterday, I havent been able to get any of my push content like CBC news alerts....and I havent been able to surf.......but what's odd is that I couldn't surf using the Blackberry Browser....if I used Opera or Bolt.....i could surf to my hearts content...today...i can use bb browser....but all my push content icons are wonkey (got a push symbol rather than the actual icon).....started yesterday at about 8am...so...over 26hrs now......fun....what's next?....lol
  • Jagators.
    I am with bell mobilty in alberta using bold 9700 and yes, I got problem getting e-mails, fail to connect to facebook and other websites around 8 am till noon mountian time.
  • Mail4kak
    verizon 9650 bold connecticut. i had issues today between 9 and 12 this morning. the browser kept saying a communication failure has occurred and face book would not refresh. i thought it was the phone. i did two battery pulls. the phone got back to normal around shortly after noon but i was relived to find out it was a system problem and not the phone itself
  • Silver Fang
    All good on the Michigan front.
  • Charlie
    Rogers (Toronto) - no problem here
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