Rogers Introduces Zoompass Mobile Payment Solutions


When we last wrote about Zoompass, they had partnered with Telus and Bell to provide users with a means of sending payments to one another from their device. Considering the last two partnerships happened back in March, the launch on Rogers took a little longer than expected. Zoompass is a joint venture with all the major Canadian carriers, so this Rogers announcement nearly completes the rollout plan and from now on we’ll hopefully see some cool updates. Even though the announcement was sent out, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of a preload of the Zoompass App.

One critical update that is needed for Zoompass to be a success is a partnership with the major banks. Currently, it’s easy to transfer money between friends but purchasing from stores on your mobile is a stretch. The day that Zoompass is able to communicate with a debit machine is the day that we can say goodbye to a lot of the cash transactions we make.

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