Google Acquires Canadian Smartphone Gaming Company SocialDeck


SocialDeck is Google’s latest acquisition and it’s very relevant for the BlackBerry world. SocialDeck is a company located in Waterloo, close to a Google regional office but close to RIM’s headquarters. Back in early 2009, SocialDeck received $250k in funding from the BlackBerry Partners Fund, who are probably very happy about their investment.

SocialDeck was one of the few companies to offer social integration across multiple smartphone platforms including BlackBerry, and the company’s focus will likely be centered on Android now. SocialDeck sent out the following letter (pictured above):

SocialDeck is joining Google!

Big news! We’re super excited to announce that someone found our social games as fun as you have — in this case, that “someone” is Google. SocialDeck has been acquired and we’ve joined the Google team.

We started this company with the goal of connecting friends through social games on all kinds of exciting mobile devices. We’ve been amazed and humbled by all the stories and experiences our customers (you!) have shared with us.

Thank you for all your support and for being part of SocialDeck’s success so far.

Happy Shaking!

– The SocialDeck Team

The BlackBerry Platform is idea for social gaming and it’s surprising more companies haven’t targeted the platform. In general, it seems if you’re going to do anything in the mobile gaming space, you’re going to target iPhone or Android. It’s surprising that more developers don’t see BlackBerry’s strength in this market.

  • haljett

    That is very interesting news to me and I imagine that they will be looking to eventually fold it into their Android operating system.

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