Poynt Updated with Better Torch Support and BlackBerry 6 Integration


poynt update

Poynt has been updated to version 1.6 in App World and while there a few small feature additions, the update really focuses on Torch support and BlackBerry 6 integration. For those who downloaded Poynt when the Torch first launched, it worked but it wasn’t a build that was specifically designed for the device. The latest version runs very smoothly on the Torch and leverages some BlackBerry 6 features such as Universal Search. Some of the new features include:

  • Unified Search integration on 6.0
  • Context Menu enhancements on 6.0
  • Map Route with Google Maps
  • Rotten Tomatoes ratings
  • Added top and bottom shortcut keys “t” and “b” for lists not arranged by alphabet
  • Ability to turn weather on and off
  • Ability to set number of movie results
  • Sort movies by alphabet or rating
  • Faster GPS on 5.0 and newer devices
  • Accuweather extended 6-10 day forecast link
  • Weather improvements

Bug fixes in the latest version include:

  • Fixed BB Maps not working on the Torch
  • Fixed track pad issues on the Torch
  • Fixed touch screen issues on the Torch
  • Fixed issues with AT&T Navigator 2.0
  • Fixed issues with scrolling weather and top 10 movies on 6.0
  • Minor bug fixes on 5.0 and below

Grab the latest version of Poynt in App World.