Rogers No Longer Accepting BIS Email Activations via Online Portal


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Rogers sent out an email telling reps that beginning September 10th, new BlackBerry users will have to use their BlackBerry to register their BIS email and they’ll no longer be able to do so online via the web portal. Online BIS activation is still possible with other carriers such as Bell, but Rogers has decided to opt out. Rogers says that they have been receiving a high volume of password related support calls, and since the device doesn’t require the password, they’re cutting support costs. It’s likely that more carriers will follow suit.

Here is the official email Rogers sent out:

**BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Update**
Email setup is now only available on the BlackBerry for new customers

Beginning September 10, 2010, new BlackBerry ® customers must use their BlackBerry device to set up their BIS email address. The online activation/set-up option is no longer available to new BlackBerry customers.

Please note that existing customers using the online functionality will not be impacted and may continue to use the online BIS activation/set-up option.

Why are we removing the online set-up functionality?

Customers attempting to manage their email addresses on often forget their password, which results in a high number of password-related calls in to the call centres. Customers who set up their BIS email on their device don’t need a password since the device saves their username and password after initial setup.

What changes on our websites?

New BlackBerry customers will no longer have the option to create a new account using Research In Motion’s BIS email website located at . Customers must be directed to their device to set up their email.

For more information, please contact your Rogers representative.

[Email courtesy of RogersDude69]

  • Silver Fang

    I foresee unintended consequences from this move.

  • Caspan

    LOL thanks for posting a message Rogers on the BIS site! you just left people hanging with no explanation to people who have used this form for years to setup accounts.

  • Torontoooo

    So I added a BIS plan… And Now what? How would I set up Email and BBM on my phone?

  • Caspan

    Do you have a Rogers phone?

  • Caspan

    Do you have a Rogers phone?

  • supertech

    Rogers is a joke

  • BBGuru

    Such an idiotic move my Rogers. They say they’re trying to cut support calls, yet I bet they will be getting bombarded with calls regarding this…so where’s the savings Rogers?

  • Caspan

    I agree.. Just nonsence unless the rest f the world followed. They created a one off situation just for them.