BlackBerry Developer Conference Preview Discussion Roundup


The BlackBerry Dev Blog has a series of videos of “fireside chats” regarding topics at the upcoming BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco. The latest discussion deals with the topic of the BlackBerry web platform. BlackBerry Widgets have been a popular topic of discussion and the above video has a few RIM employees getting into some specifics about what we’ll see at the show. Hit the jump for the other 2 videos of discussions with RIM staff about topics covered in the upcoming Developer Conference.

The above roundtable chat focuses on App World and some of the successes the platform has seen to day. The discussion deals with the number of updates, downloads and total available apps today. There is also some discussion of credit card and carrier billing.

The third BlackBerry Developer roundtable discussion is about Super Apps. RIM has been trying to get developers hooked on the idea of Super Apps and this video talks about how the BlackBerry Platform can be used to create powerful apps. At Dev Con we’ll see the first group of finalists of the Super Apps Developer Challenge.

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