BlackBerryCool and Vayyoo Present Vayyoo - DEVCON Edition

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Vayyoo devcon app

We’ve partnered with the guys at Vayyoo for the latest release of their Super App that showcases the power of the platform to cover a conference. This new version features the ability to login to accounts that dynamically update the client. To showoff this and other powerful features of Vayyoo, a DEVCON account has been created that provides conference interactivity and information.

Cool features in Vayyoo’s DEVCON Edition include:

  • Submit your own blog posts to BlackBerryCool (more info to come)
  • App hotlinks that open the App World listing for apps participating in DEVCON
  • Links to conference information (agenda, Facebook, and #DEVCON10 on Twitter)
  • Keynote information and polling
  • Links to event sponsors
  • Ability to call taxis and limousines from within the app

Try it out now by downloading Vayyoo from App World and login with the following credentials:

username/password: devcon/devcon

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