Foursquare Updated with Push Notifications and Performance and Touch Improvements


Foursquare has just released v 1.9.5 of its BlackBerry app. The latest update features push notifications enabled and lazy loading of user/venue pages. Lazy loading means you can check-in to a venue without having to wait for the whole page to load.

Highlights from this release includes:

  • Push Notification - Now receive check-in notifications instantly via BlackBerry’s push notification service!
  • Faster User and Venue Screens - Now foursquare loads user and venue data as it gets downloaded, allowing you to view a user profile instantly without having to wait for all the data at once.
  • Improved Battery Life - With true push notifications enabled and a few additional tweaks, battery life continues to improve.
  • UI Improvements for Touch - Additionally we’ve focused on the experience for BlackBerry touch users. Improving the menu system and making small changes throughout the application.

The new version can is available for download at or found on BlackBerry App World.

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