RIM Introduces BlackBerry Tablet AKA the BlackBerry PlayBook


blackberry tablet aka the playbook

RIM has introduced the world’s first enterprise grade tablet - the BlackBerry PlayBook. The device looks simply awesome and opens a world of opportunity for developers and users alike. The device has some of the following specs:

  • 7 inch high resolution
  • Not just WebKit but full Flash 10.1 with hardware accelerated video
  • Support 1080p HD video with non-proprietary HDMI and USB connectors
  • Rear and front facing cameras (HD cameras)
  • Enterprise ready! Out of the box compatible with 250k BES
  • 1 GHz Dual Core Symmetrical Multiprocessing, with 1GB RAM

The BlackBerry tablet OS has an incredible OS that is based on QNX technology. The founder of QNX and the new BlackBerry tablet OS, Dan Dodge, took the stage to talk more about QNX. The BlackBerry PlayBook OS features some of the following:

  • POSIX code portability
  • High reliability
  • Highly secure
  • Killer performance
  • Symetric multi-processing
  • Multi-tasking

More news on the way and we’ll have more discussion about the tablet when the general session is over.

  • http://ixld.com/ Web Strategy

    everyone is getting into the act :)

  • http://www.axvoice.com Carol Clark

    I don’t think any one should knock RIM. They’ve already one-upped Apple by providing a similar design and idea with better features (ahem multitasking). Hopefully this will shut every yuppy douchebag iPad owner up about their piece of crap toy. I’m definitely getting one.

  • Aron

    About time. I’ve been waiting for this since the iPad was announced. :P

  • Anonymous

    Can’t we have a choice, we does someone has to hurt (Apple) for others to gain (BB). This is America, not Nazi Germany. Geez. It seems some of you will be spite purchasing, corporate America loves you.

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