BoxTone Unveils Mobile Analytics Platform for BlackBerry



Mobile service management software maker BoxTone announced new software at DevCon2010 to help developers swiftly debug and support BlackBerry Applications. Dubbed the BoxTone Mobile Analytics Platform, the platform will help BlackBerry developers by providing an on-demand web-based mobile analytics dashboard.

The dashboard simplifies application profiling and provides over the air diagnostic and troubleshooting. This allows developers to organize and optimize their mobile application lifecycle from development, to testing, through to deployment, operations and aids in support.

BoxTone MAP is particularly well suited to troubleshoot user interfaces. Usually after releasing a piece of software the developer has to rely on user feedback to troubleshoot their software. With the BoxTone MAP service all a developer has to do is deploy and then through the dashboard observe many user experiences through the dashboard.

BoxTone is pleased to extend our leadership in the mobile management industry, by enabling developers to instrument their mobile applications over the air as well as by providing the enterprise with a single console for managing the applications, said Alan Snyder, CEO of BoxTone.

Announced on the same day as RIM’s Webtrends free analytics software, BoxTone says that their Free MAP services are to aid developers while RIM’s offering is geared more towards marketers of BlackBerry software.

Currently in beta, BoxTone MAP is a no-cost solution that can really speed up development and support. To find out how to join the beta visit or visit the BoxTone booth (#303) at DevCon2010.

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