RIM Confirms BlackBerry App World Getting Desktop Commerce


app world

In an interview with Martyn Mallick, Sr. Director, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, we got confirmation that App World for desktop will be getting commerce. This isn’t necessarily big news because we’ve always assumed that this was part of App World’s roadmap, but it’s nice to get confirmation from RIM on the upcoming feature. The feature was also confirmed in an App World session here at DevCon, where we learned that the service will use your BlackBerry ID and will even be able to leverage carrier billing from the desktop. With this new feature, users will be able to buy and download apps and they won’t even need a data plan. All they’ll have to do is purchase and side-load.

  • boboc

    To late RIM :)
    As long as you did not offer appworld in europe in all countries i sold my bb 8900 and get an iphone.

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