BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 SWAG Report


blackberry torch
AT&T are giving away free BlackBerry Torch’s for app ideas

We’re here at the BlackBerry DevCon and checking out the booths and SWAG. If you don’t know, SWAG is an acronym that stands for Stuff We All Get. It’s always fun to see what companies are giving out so we thought we’d put together a little roundup of the free junk that companies give away.

Motek is giving away Screen Muncher t-shirts

Motek have t-shirts that I would actually wear. It’s pretty rare that I would wear a company’s shirt but this one is cool.

BoxTone shirt

BoxTone are giving out shirts promoting their new analytics service. They’re okay.

RIM’s water bottle.

If you complete the conference survey, you get either a messenger bag or this water bottle. Meh.

Another conference registration package

When you register at DevCon10 you get this water bottle and a sweater. The sweater is actually really nice but the water bottles are getting out of hand.

Badges at the Social Media Desk

The social media desk at the conference has these badges. They seem to be a hit as lots of people are wearing them.

Foursquare DevCon badge

When you check in to 4 of 7 Foursquare locations at DevCon you get this shirt. The first to complete the contest also got Torchs.

Green notepads from Widality

Widality, the makers of Momentem, are giving out note pads. Useful but not exactly awesome.

Texas Hold’em King hat

Magmic has some cool THK hats in celebration of the upcoming THK Live game. They’re alright.

Orange hacky sack by WorkLight

I actually really like the orange hacky sack. Great way to kill some time between blog posts.

Headphones from the social media desk

RIM was also giving out headphones at the social media desk. They’re not too shabby.

Pens from Oracle, Intertek and X-Ad

Pens are always a hit. Everyone needs a pen.

Sweet pen from Adobe.

Adobe gave out these sweet pens. When you click the button the LED light changes color.

Pretzil custom M&Ms

Pretzil was giving out custom M&Ms. Everyone likes chocolate.

Foursquare stickers

There were Foursquare stickers everywhere. Found one in the bathroom. Nobody had checked-in though.

Phone charms from Pretzil

Pretzil also had cell phone charms. BlackBerry PlayBook compatible?

screen muncher
Another piece of Motek SWAG

I’m not sure if this sticker is meant to go on your BlackBerry but it’s transparent and didn’t fit on the 9700.

Football from Verizon

We were tossing this bad boy around the showfloor. Fun stuff!

  • Ericpeds

    How did you connect a phone charm to your 9700??