SmrtGuard Announces Personal Guardian Panic Button App



SmrtGuard has announced a new app called Personal Guardian. The app is a panic button that one-push panic button that silently triggers an emergency call, email, SMS text, or Twitter message with your GPS location information. The app comes with a web portal that allows you to customize emergency alert messages, contact information and recipients, and track the location of your phone. Once the Personal Guardian panic button is activated, the app automatically and silently initiates real-time location tracking and sends a custom emergency message to preconfigured contacts and communication channels including:

  • Dial 911 or other number of your choice.
  • Twitter message with location to your Twitter stream.
  • Email with your custom message and current location information.
  • SMS text message with your current location information.

More information available from SmrtGuard.

  • rezn

    I’m impressed. SmrtGuard recently recovered 200 of 400+ contacts. All my Memos, Tasks and ect. Just not my Saved Emails…