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BlackBerry Partners Fund Merges to Focus on Mobile Investments WorldWide


blackberry partners fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced that its co-managers have merged to create a globally competitive investment manager focused exclusively on mobile investment opportunities (i.e. JLA Ventures, RBC Venture Partners and BlackBerry Partners Fund will all be managed under a merged entity). The merger provides a platform for the growth and global expansion of the BlackBerry Partners Fund brand.

This should be a great opportunity for companies around the world seeking investment. There are a lot of hot companies in mobile right now, and not all of them are in North America. Latin America, Indonesia, India and China are all booming right now with tech companies and it will be interesting to see the innovation that springs up.

More information available in the press release.

AstraSync 4.2 Public Beta Live with New BlackBerry Monitor Integration



AstraSync is a BlackBerry sync app that provides 2-way OTA sync of email, calendar and contact data with Exchange ActiveSync compatible servers including Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail & Windows Live, MailSite Fusion, Exchange Online, BPOS, CommuniGate Pro, Zimbra, Scalix, FirstClass, Open-Xchange, Kerio MailServer, SmarterMail, Axigen, Google Sync and Gmail. With AstraSync 4.2 public beta, the service now supports alert profile integration through Monitor for BlackBerry, meeting request creation, email content encryption, kinetic scrolling and more performance settings for power users.
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QNX and RealVNC Team up for Terminal Mode: BlackBerry Automotive Integration


Terminal Mode is a cool system based on RealVNC’s technology that uses VNC protocol to duplicate your BlackBerry’s screen on the car’s head unit to allow you access to mobile apps and content while on the road. The system bills itself as a safe solution but is it really all that safe? Why would staring at a car’s head unit be any more safe than looking at a BlackBerry screen? Granted, you have to strain your eyes a little less, but it’s not exactly Heads Up Display. Even though the system may not truly be safer, it’s definitely cool. You can play your BlackBerry’s music while using the native music controls, and navigation apps would really come to life with something like this.

More details available from RealVNC.


Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9780 Promo Kits Arrive in Stores


blackberry bold 9780

Rogers has confirmed to us that they’re offering the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and our good friend RogersDude69 let us know that the promo kits are now in stores. This device looks just like the 9700 and while the spec sheet is a little improved, it’s not necessarily going to blow you away. If you’re a happy 9700 user, you’ll probably appreciate the better camera.

RIM and Umpires TV Launches You Make the Call Baseball Game


you make the call

About 6 months ago we posted about You Make the Call, a game for baseball fanatics that shows you an HD video of a baseball play and then asks you to make the proper judgement, as though you were the umpire. The plays are really difficult to judge and the game is a great concept, but it still needs a little work. The You Make the Call app features:

  • Baseball video challenges that provide three possible answers and 10 seconds to choose correctly
  • Answers and explanations that review key elements of play
  • Intense competition – players can win points, see where they rank against others, beat their own score, and even challenge a friend

Currently, the app is around 6MB, which is a huge memory savings considering it was originally over 200MB. The problem is that the video files take up a lot of space for the game, so if you don’t have much memory on your device, be careful with installing this. Hopefully they figure out how to keep the video on the SD card, separated from the app itself. It’s also not clear what their device support is like so some users may have a better experience than others.

Download the app for your BlackBerry here.

BabyGO! and Super BabyGO! Gets Halloween Letters Activity


super baby go halloween letters

Zeebu Mobile let us know that they’ve just pushed out a Halloween Letters activity for free to all the BabyGO! and Super BabyGO! users. It’s a spooky version of their letters activity in English, and it’s compatible for all devices (OS 4.2+) right up to the Torch. Each letter in the activity is also a picture of something Halloween-y that starts with that letter. Happy Halloween!

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