Ricoh Updates HotSpot Printing App with Global Printer Directory


blackberry hotspot printing

Ricoh has released a new version of their mobile printing app called Hotpot. The app leverages a global printer directory with over 4,000 publicly available printers today. The app is designed to take full advantage of the newest blackberry features and was included in the press release for regional winners in the Super App challenge.

Here is a brief overview of the application features of the free app:

  • Ability to search global database for over 4,000 printers available today
  • Support for GPS and Cell Localization to find “printers nearest you”
  • Integration with Blackberry Maps for graphical view and directions
  • Save printers and group into personalized folders for easy access
  • Ability to print email, attachments, memos, pictures, calendar entries and contacts
  • Multiple language support with English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German

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