BlackBerry Torch 9800 Gets OS Update for All Major Carriers


blackberry torch 9800

Fairly recently, TELUS, Rogers and AT&T have all released an updated OS for the BlackBerry Torch. The Torch, while it’s a really cool BlackBerry, comes with some new software that isn’t completely ready. The first iteration,, had some pretty serious bugs in it, including glitches in the scrolling and sometimes critical screen failures. The latest update is pretty massive, 177.78MB from TELUS, and hopefully it comes with some serious improvements.

Download OS from Rogers
Download OS from Telus
Download OS from AT&T.

  • rje

    My Telus Torch came delivered with .246. I think all Canadian Torches are being sold with .246.

  • Fburhama

    Hi, Question, on the Torch update is it carrier/ISP related? as i am currently using my Torch over sea’s with the local carrier sim card. (Wataniya Telecom, Kuwait) im currently on

  • mmj75

    I downloaded this update and now my Torch doesn’t run some applications when is connected to my wi-fi network. It sucks

  • S60

    I have an unlocked Torch too, is it healthy to update the software to 246 or will it lock once again? plus what are the applications that are not working??