Magmic Opens THK Live for Public Beta - Possibly the Best Poker Game for Mobile

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Texas Hold’em King 1,2 and 3 were incredibly successful poker games for BlackBerry and Magmic is working on the 4th version, THK Live. The game is completely multiplayer and totally online (no more single player). THK Live lets you compete with poker players all over the world and features some pretty revolutionary features such as:

  • Free To Play: Each day you’ll receive chips that you can take straight to the tables, without paying anything.
  • Fast, Smooth and Fun: Are you tired of waiting for your opponent to make their move? This is the fastest poker game available for BlackBerry. Our quick speeds and easy to use interface ensure that you’ll spend more time taking down pots.
  • Automatic Table Selection: THK Live will pick the most appropriate table for your Bankroll, Experience and Speed - All you have to do to start playing is press “Play.”
  • Slick, Easy-to-Use UI: Magmic’s new and improved user interface is designed for high resolution devices providing vivid colors and smooth animations. Poker actions are easy to use and are inspired by BlackBerry’s own home screen.
  • Unlock Achievements: Earn over 35 unique achievements that will reward you for winning pots, playing hands and getting lucky. THK Live will continue to add new and exciting achievements with each free content update.
  • Stylish Avatars: Choose from over 30 unique Avatars, their high-resolution, full detail avatars are sure to make an impression. Magmic will continue to add more avatars with free content updates.
  • Free Content Updates: THK Live is designed to be easy to update. We’ll be able to push out new and exciting features and new content as a direct downloads.
  • Chat 2.0: We’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort to create the best chat system in a poker game. You’ll be able to quickly and conveniently taunt or praise your opponents without missing a hand.

To participate in the Beta, use the following links:

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Only.

All BlackBerry 320×240 Curves (83xx, 88xx, 85xx, 93xx).

All BlackBerry 480×360 Non-Touch (9700, 8900, 9630, 9650).

Magmic has a Touch build coming soon (currently in QA) but these 3 builds will cover about 88% of the market.

For more info, follow @THKLive and like Magmic on Facebook.

  • Littlenickie

    I hope it is better than the Texas Holdem King 2 that I have on my blackberry at the moment. This game is the most boring game I’ve played yet. No matter what cards you hold, you lose 99% of the hands. Players going all in with a 6 of spades and 8 hearts? No player in their right mind would dump all their chips into a pot holding those cards. And guess who wins the hand? Yep, the person holding the 6 and 8. I play the game so I can fall asleep at night. Getting constant 2’s and 7’s - 3’s and 9’s - - 4’s and 8’s over and over again is enough to put anyone to sleep.

  • Gyrop

    Tried it, and it is still the same crappy game as the previous ones. Every initial flop has pairs about 90% of the time, or flushes of spades and diamonds. Always have one or two of the computer players betting high while holding lousy hands to get me to lose my chips, or prevent me from playing. If a person wants to win at this game, you must keep folding and folding the lousy cards that are dealt to you until a decent hand comes along. The people responsible for programming these so called texas holdem games should play it on a blackberry. If they know anything about texas holdem at all, they would never play the game again.

  • Pseven7

    Hi Gyrop,

    Are you sure you played it? Because there aren’t any “computer” players this time around. You play online versus other poker fans.

    You should try it again.

  • Magha

    It’s much better. Just try it out. Personally, I liked it a lot more than THK2 and THK3. Best thing of all, you’re playing against real people all the time.

  • elk

    best game out. cant get enough of it. plays like real game. hope bigger tables soon elk7718

  • Kilobyte

    How to download a new version?

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