RIM Releases a Few Details About the BlackBerry Torch OS Improvements


blackberry torch

We recently wrote about the official OS for the BlackBerry Torch and RIM has sent over a few vague yet helpful notes about the latest update. It’s hard to be motivated to update your OS when RIM or the carriers don’t tell you what has been improved, but it looks like .246 has some worthwhile improvements. Some of the performance improvements include:

  • Browser – faster page loading and improved panning
  • User input – handled more efficiently, improved responsiveness after unlocking device
  • Applications – faster launching, exiting and switching
  • Home Screen - faster rendering and smoother transitions when switching between panes
  • Media - faster rendering of thumbnails in picture application
  • Email/Messaging – faster and smoother scrolling in message list and when reading email
  • Voice- Software improvements for improved audio quality

To grab the update for your Torch, head over to blackberry.com/updates.

  • http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/1111 Eric at Ebscer

    I think part of the silence is that RIM would look a little too much like they made some mistakes in the first place if they went in too much detail about what they changed. That is still there if you read between the lines, but they are trying to put a positive spin on it…

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