WeReward Alpha for BlackBerry Lets You Checkin and Earn Real Dollars



WeReward is a pretty cool service that lets you earn points by checking in and completing tasks and then lets you cash in those points for real dollars. The company was founded in 2006 by IZEA, and now has a BlackBerry app to complement their service.

It would be great if services like Foursquare started to reward the user in a financial way but you have to wonder if anyone will ever make any real money. The social media elite may be able to rake in a significant amount of money if checkins and Twitter followers directly correlate to dollars, but even then, it’s not like you can quit your day job.

WeReward is only supporting OS 5 and 6 at this moment, and the app is currently in an alpha stage.

Download WeReward for OS 5.
Download WeReward for OS 6.