CTIA 2010 Final Impressions: The PlayBook Could Have Been the Hottest Thing Here


ctia chalk writing
Image from @pantechusa

This year’s CTIA was impressive on many levels: the innovation, the people, and the parties. All of these affirm the fact that CTIA is one of the world’s premier mobile conferences.

While RIM may have dropped the ball, it is promising to see how so many companies are building out their products and services to leverage the BlackBerry ecosystem.

App testing companies like Mob4Hire and DeviceAnywhere did a great job of letting the development and business community know that there are effective alternatives to in-house testing which can expedite time-to-market and better an overall app experience. Carriers from all around the world were working the show floor to investigate the latest and greatest the CTIA exhibitors had to offer. Accessory manufacturers, outsourcing firms, development agencies, financial service firms, and VC’s were abound in great numbers further promoting the fact that the future of mobile is friendly.

From a BlackBerry perspective, I believe that the PlayBook is going to be a powerhouse device that is closer to a laptop computer vs a large smartphone and it’s a pity it wasn’t on display for the world media to see. Almost all of the exhibitors here at CTIA were showing products that we had already seen, and the PlayBook would have really stood out. If anybody knew for sure that the PlayBook would be announced at DEVCON, the registration numbers would probably have quadrupled. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the PlayBook would have been a great way for RIM to rise above the crowd at CTIA and prove they have something innovative that third parties are going to want to jump on board with. At the very least, CTIA would have been a great opportunity to answer some questions for developers who may not have attended DEVCON, but are now looking at PlayBook development.

All in all, CTIA was a great success and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Hopefully RIM is too.