Some Cool BlackBerry Torch Themes You May Have Missed


blackberry torch theme

With BlackBerry Theme Studio 6.0 out in Beta, theme developers and even readers such as yourself can go out and create themes for your BlackBerry. Maybe your theme doesn’t have any crazy bells and whistles, but practice makes perfect. The new Theme Studio allows for some cool new customizations in BlackBerry 6, and theme developers have already started putting their themes in Mobihand, App World and their own stores. Here are a few that have recently launched that look really cool:

pixel8 theme by magmic

The Pixel8 theme is pretty cool and takes you back to the monochrome screen days. Navigating icons is nothing like how BlackBerry 6 is set up, and you have to customize the scrollable icons on the homecreen to the ones which you use the most. As you scroll through the icons, the background animates in the sort of way you would expect from a monochrome display. While functionality is a little impeded, you have to give the developers props on the creativity.

Check out the Pixel8 theme and more for your Torch in Bplay.

blackberry torch theme

Javatek Media have a neat series of BlackBerry themes they call Themes in Motion. These themes feature animated backgrounds and they are compatible for your Torch. This theme gives you the BlackBerry 6 navigation style so you can keep your Favorites, Downloads, All and Frequent pages in check.

Check out the Themes in Motion Dinosaurs series.
Look through Javatek Media’s catalog of themes and select any of the Themes in Motion themes because they are all Torch compatible.

fast torch theme

Fast Torch is a theme by jmerhi that has a neat rotary phone style homescreen icon placement. The first 12 icons will be easily accessible on the homescreen and their is a hidden dock to boot. This theme also features a unique icon set for anyone who is already bored of the BlackBerry 6 icons.

Check out Fast Torch in the store as it’s currently on sale.

Have a BlackBerry Torch and downloaded a theme you really like? Let us know and we’ll feature it.

  • Caspan

    Just downloaded the Fast Torch and picture is way better then the result. It is functional but icons look like they have artifacts all over them from compressing. This switches you theme back to a 5.0 OS style which I personally like the draw up draw down menu of BlackBerry 6