Distimo Launches App Monitoring Service for Better Visualizing App Download and Revenue Figures


distimo monitor service for developers

Distimo are well known in the industry for keeping an eye on the app economy and monitoring all the major distribution points such as App World, App Store, Android Market and Ovi. Their latest product is called Distimo Monitor, and it allows developers to login with their vendor credentials (eg App World vendor profile), and get analytics about their application such as total daily downloads, revenues and rankings worldwide of their application(s). It also allows the developer to see how they stack up against their competitors by comparing their own apps against competitive apps in any country. Developers can then use this knowledge to adjust pricing and distribution channels to maximize the growth and revenue streams of their apps.

Distimo Monitor is a new service so it isn’t without its downfalls. For example, when I enter my vendor credentials, the service isn’t able to take data from the very first time I submitted my application, but rather counts only from October, the month I signed on to Distimo Monitor. The data the reporting tool provides is all available from the vendor portal, but at least Distimo provides it in a nice graphical form, unlike App World which spews the data out in ugly .csv tables. It’s cool that Distimo can provide this sort of pleasantly visualized data and maybe RIM should take a cue and realize that nobody likes looking at spreadsheets and wants to be able to view data more like Google Analytics with pretty graphs and easy to interpret lines.

If you’re a developer, give the service a try for yourself at distimo.com/monitor.