Analyst Report Describes 2 Upcoming Touch BlackBerrys and QNX OS Rollout


blackberry torch with qnx os mockup

A Jefferies analyst note recently discussed two upcoming Storm series devices. We have heard rumors that the Storm series will be killed from a marketing perspective, so perhaps these devices will be part of a new line entirely, or perhaps will be given individual names. In any case, it’s a little too early to tell.

The analyst report says we could see the launch of a non-haptic touch “Storm 3″ in late November, followed by the PlayBook which is rumored to launch in late February/early March. The non-haptic touch “Storm 3″ will be similar to the Storm2 refresh we’ve been hearing about which is rumored to be canceled (typical blog story: a rumored device is rumored to be canceled).

There is also a rumored BlackBerry scheduled for the first half of 2011, which has an “iPhone-like form factor, but slimmer” and could be running a QNX OS like the PlayBook. This would coincide with what RIM has said will be a full portfolio transition to the QNX OS, which the Jefferies report says will happen by the 2nd half of 2011.

  • Sr

    I don’t care what other people say, I love the “Sure Press” on my storm.

    I’d bet money that if Apple had come out with it on the iPhone it would be herald as the best idea ever for a touch screen device.

  • Prom1

    THIS is what I’m looking forward to “This would coincide with what RIM has said will be a full portfolio transition to the QNX OS” but where is the proof that RIM has publicly stated this?

    I’ve been on the iPhone 4 for about 2mths - my second year in a row and 2nd time going with iPhone this EXACT same time of year - and to be honest troubleshooting the 9700 daily and seeing just how well it works and rumors of the 9780 being released have me gunning to sell this iPhone 4 16GB at a loss and go back to where my roots are and where my communications thrive on. I’ve never been an addict with BBM but its just works and well; FUNCTION with flash not just Flash without proper function execution.

    I’ll stick with my Mac home computing though - Win7 at work.