BlackBerry PlayBook Admin Screen Proves QNX Software Isn’t Ready?


blackberry playbook admin screen

UPDATE: This was actually an app being demo’d that was left on the screen. The screen you see isn’t actually anything from the PlayBook OS layer.

It’s pretty obvious that the QNX OS for the PlayBook isn’t ready to be handled yet, and that’s why RIM had the PlayBook behind glass cases (and still does). When something is demoed for the first time it’s almost always under very tight conditions and while it seems RIM rushed to demo, the expectations were a little low considering the PlayBook isn’t available until early 2011.

At the Gartner conference, the PlayBook was on display and big to show something like a dashboard/admin screen. It’s hard to tell if this is proof that the PlayBook OS isn’t ready, or if the demo units have some added admin software.

In any case, we’re all looking forward to getting our hands on the PlayBook and especially to get the QNX OS on BlackBerrys.

  • bob

    Wow…what good journalizm…QNX is not ready yet…daa I think everyone knowns that already.

  • Russ Trombone

    How does an Admin screen prove that the software isn’t ready? smh

  • ERP Companies

    if software isn’t ready then i think Admin screen prove this is the flow of our software…

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