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The Interchange Group is a group of founding BlackBerry Alliance members that provide custom BlackBerry development and have some cool apps that we haven’t mentioned to date. The apps look a little outdated and probably only run on older devices, nonetheless they look useful. Their apps include:


Supplement your mobile work data with photos, audio or GPS information and then synchronize back to the office automatically - over the air. Calendar/Task integration as standard means that you can still capture data even without a back-office system to integrate with.


How often do you get an email that you need to reserve time for to “get it done”? Now you can simply select an email that needs follow up action and create an entry in your BlackBerry Calendar so you don’t forget to deal with it.

Phone Home

Simply select the PhoneHome application icon and click to access your most useful ‘phone number, pre-selected by you.

Personnel Alarm

With both a “click to trigger” instant alarm facility and a deferred “fire and forget” option which one sets in advance to issue SMS and GPS located email alerts if not canceled within a nominated period, in the same application, this really is an alarm solution that anyone can find useful.

Time Recording

Interchange Group’s “Mobility Suite” time recording application for BlackBerry allows you to track, and bill, for your time without tediously filling in paper timesheets back at the office. It is designed primarily to be simple to use.

To try any of the above applications, head over to the Interchange Group download site.

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