Nimbuzz Killing Skype Support as of October 31st


Skype is requesting that Nimbuzz remove support for its 3rd party VoIP service. Effective October 31st, Nimbuzz will be killing support for the service. It’s a shame that the services are being canceled, as Nimbuzz has managed to accumulate 150 million downloads and serve 3.65 billion VoIP minutes last year. The cancellation raises some interesting questions about why the VoIP market on BlackBerry is so closed and why Skype has such a beef with people using their services. Isn’t 3.65 billion VoIP minutes a positive outcome?

  • Bastien Koert

    That blows, but its likely that skype wants to continue doing VOIP under its own branded apps.

  • grahamgunn

    Skype needs to expose users to its advertising and products it can make a sale from. When access is via say Fring or or Nimbuzz they don’t have that opportunity. Just business I guess.