Xomad’s BBM Lounge Party for Mark Salling’s Record Release Party

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Xomad had another BBM Lounge party and if you’re confused about what these parties are about - you’re not alone. The parties are being help by Xomad who get money from RIM marketing to position BlackBerry and BBM as a nightlife brand in young Hollywood. The latest party coincided with Mark Salling’s record release party and featured hors d’oeuvres and themed cocktails like the BlackBerry Lemonade.

Does any other smartphone manufacturer sponsor parties like this? Does it even work? Marketing dollars can influence consumers but it’s generally on a much more massive scale. It’s hard to imagine that getting a group of minor celebrities together to awkwardly pose with a BlackBerry has any impact on perception of BBM or BlackBerry.

Check out the full Flickr page here.

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