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BerryBlow Apps Celebrating 2nd Birthday with 25% Off Sale



The 3rd of December is BerryBlow’s second birthday and to celebrate, they’re running a 25% sale on all their apps. To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “berryblow2y” to buy any of the apps until December 3rd. Happy birthday!

Check out all the BerryBlow Birthday Deals at this link.

Breaking Down BlackBerry App World’s 15,000+ Apps


app world

According to RIM’s social media team, BlackBerry App World has recently surpassed 15,000 apps. But is this number really indicative of the number of true “applications” that are in App World? Lets take a look at how the numbers break down:
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How to Clear the BlackBerry App World Cache and View Updated App List


app world

BlackBerry App World caches data on your device which will result in your App World not displaying the most recent content. In order to check something like the latest apps in the featured carousel, you’ll have to clear the cache. RIM has published an article in their knowledge base explaining how to clear the cache and it’s complicated. It’s the smartphone equivalent of the Konami Code.
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Freemium Antair DelayedSend App Lets You Time Delay Email Delivery



Antair make some quality apps for BlackBerry including a spam filter, call screener and an auto-responder (great for support emails). Their latest app is DelayedSend that allows you to create an email and delay its sending or schedule it for a particular time. The app integrates into your email application making it easy to delay emails sent.

To download the free version of DelayedSend, view this link in the store.

The paid version of DelayedSend costs $5.95 and it’s available from their site.

Photo Translator: Take a Photo and Instantly Translate Any Text


photo translator

SHAPE services currently has a really awesome app that they’re beta testing and looking for your feedback on. The app is called Photo Translator and it lets you take a picture of any text in a variety of languages, and the translation will appear on your device. This is a really helpful tool for anyone who travels a lot, as you could use it in airports, train or bus stations, restaurants etc. With the community’s help, SHAPE could make a really effective mobile translator.

To download the beta app for free, head over to the app’s landing page at this link.

Explore the BlackBerry Torch in 3D Augmented Reality


The AT&T BlackBerry Torch is apparently selling really well and despite rumors that launch day wasn’t too successful, AT&T is putting a lot of marketing dollars behind the device. This is pretty typical with BlackBerry sales as we don’t see a huge launch day but rather steady sales as customers upgrade and renew their plans. The latest marketing initiative from AT&T is a Facebook app that lets you print out a sheet that is recognized by a web cam, and provides you with a 3D augmented reality view of the device. You can even view the Torch in different colors.

Check out the augmented reality Facebook app at AT&T’s BlackBerry page.