What Adobe AIR Apps Would You Like to See on the BlackBerry PlayBook?


blackberry playbook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a highly anticipated tablet that’s going to open BlackBerry development to an entirely new segment of developers. Anyone who can make an app for Adobe AIR will be able to port their app over to the PlayBook and take advantage of a new platform for their app to thrive. So what apps would you like to see on the PlayBook? Here are a few apps that are made with Adobe AIR, that we would like to see on the PlayBook.

TweetDeck - Although RIM will probably have a Twitter for PlayBook app, TweetDeck has a smooth and easy to use user interface that would be awesome on the PlayBook.

Google Analytics - Apparently Google Analytics is written in Adobe AIR and it would be awesome to see this on the PlayBook. Every website owner and developer would love to check out analytics on the go.

Pandora Desktop - Even though Pandora has a mobile app, wouldn’t you like the desktop experience on a PlayBook?

NASDAQ Market Reply – This is a web app that lets you look over the history of any security and study its trends. A lot of Wallstreet BlackBerry owners would like this on their PlayBook.

What would you like to see?

  • kate

    a music app like that allows me to edit my playlists, move songs, create playlists (like I do on my BlackBerry Bold) on the PlayBook.