State of the Apps Industry Snapshot Shows Developers Optimistic About Revenue


Millennial Media and DIGIDAY released a report called the “State of the Apps Industry Snapshot.” There is some interesting data in the report on the current mobile app landscape and things look okay for the BlackBerry platform but there is definitely more action in other smartphones like Windows Phone 7. The main reason for this is that Microsoft is paying developers upfront royalties to give them incentive to push their apps to WP7. Maybe RIM should consider doing something similar for big titles that aren’t on their platform yet. Hit the jump for more details.

Among publishers and developers, iPhone, Android, iPad, RIM and Windows Mobile were the top ?ve mobile application platforms of choice in 2010. The Android, iPad, Windows Mobile, and Symbian platforms saw the most growth from 2009. iPhone and RIM were the two platforms that saw year-over-year decreases.

Windows Phone 7 is tied for second place with iPad as the platform that will be added to most publishers’ and developers’ plates in the coming year. At 29%, Android appears in pole position to challenge iPhone for the top spot of platforms for which publishers and developers create applications.

Publishers anticipate signi?cant growth in their applications revenue in 2011. When asked to estimate their earnings over the coming year, a full 31% expect their apps revenue to increase 100% or more in 2011, with another 17% expecting an increase of 50% or more. Only 10% of respondents expect their revenues to remain ?at.

Download the full report here.

  • Viira Dev

    Microsoft paying developers upfront royalties?? Really?? Do you have any more info on this? That may be convincing enough to start deeveloping for Windows Mobile…

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