BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad Internet Speed Tests and Comparisons


RIM’s corporate culture seems to be changing significantly as they move towards a more consumer focused company. Recently, RIM released a BlackBerry PlayBook versus Apple iPad speed test video which is risky considering both companies have such large legal teams. Speed tests are also difficult because there are so many variables that can affect the test. Overall, it looks like RIM did an excellent job putting the test under clean conditions and it’s obvious the PlayBook kicks the iPad’s butt into oblivion when it comes to rendering websites fast and fully.

These videos are awesome and I’d love to see the PlayBook against the Galaxy Tab next.

  • Shaun

    Team blackberry, Stand up!!

  • Caspan

    Yes what’s up!

  • Caspan

    Yes what’s up!

  • Sean

    I’m a Torch owner for work
    Droid2 owner @ home
    I have an iPad

    For work, I swear by my Torch. I don’t care how much it was panned upon release, until you’ve actually used one in a daily business environment, you really have no reference point to it’s awesomeness.

    That said, I cannot ($*&%($*^(& wait to get my hands on the Blackberry Playbook

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